“Duality” – two piece cocktail ring. Both parts of the ring can be worn together as one or independently as two separate pieces. Polar Jade, Ceylon sapphire, silver.

Design process on the Cave collection started from studying a fragment of a rough Polar Jade, sourced from the Green Mountain Jade mine in British Columbia. Structure and colour of this beautiful material inspired me to do a series of detailed drawings which followed with the making of the first sample piece (pictured).

The design includes elements influenced by the primitive sculptures and ethnic carvings from the region of Central and Eastern Europe, specifically the Mazury region in north-eastern Poland, where I come from.

Folk tales and ethnic crafts had a big inuence on the development of my artistic sensitivity since my early age. Even though I was far removed from my childhood environment, love for the primitive sculpture prevailed throughout my design career. I continue to explore close to my soul subjects and build new ideas based on those experiences. This collection takes its shape as I continue to develop more designs based on the subject research and gain more experience with processing new-to-me materials, lapidary skills and and jewellery-making techniques.

Picture above: 6 piece bracelet, long necklace with a clasp, two cameo rings.

Materials: sterling silver, freeform cut Polar Jade; Accent stone: round mixed cut Ceylon Sapphire. Design, stone sourcing, jade cutting, jewellery making and stone setting by Dominika Durtan

Note: The concept of this collection got featured in a finale of the Young Designers Competition at the Gemworld Munich in 2018.

Omega clasp earrings from the “Cave” collection by Dominika Durtan
Polar Jade, Sterling Silver. Length: 5 to 10 cm.
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