“Unfinished thoughts” by Dominika Durtan
Italian alabaster, marble

Dominika Durtan is an international multidisciplinary artist, designer and craftsperson. Born and raised in Poland, prior to coming to Canada she lived in New York City (working as a freelance art director for jewellery companies amongst other clients), and most recently in Dubai (working as a designer for various magazines, amongst them Harpers Bazaar Art). In Dubai she also ran a private art atelier in the city’s historical Bastakiya district.

Dominika Durtan has an extensive training in many forms of media: drawing, painting, computer graphics, photography, stone sculpting, ceramics and woodcarving. Her works have been featured in Europe, North America and the Middle East. She has done freelance illustration and design work for companies ranging from small businesses to large firms. Dominika holds a Master of Arts diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, Poland, and has supplemented her education with international training.

The artist’s journey began in a small village in a region of northeast Poland called Mazury, known as the “thousand lakes region”. Her roots in rural Poland gave her a deep connection and love for nature and a respect for manual labour, both of which are reflected in her works.

Dominika’s grandfather was a skilled blacksmith and owned a wood workshop. Those skills were passed on to her father and then to her. She feels most at home working with chisels, carpenter planes and files. It is in her grandfather’s studio where she began to experiment with sculpture, learning the properties of natural materials and developing a respect for the tools and techniques. It was there that her curiosity and imagination were lit, and a life-long artistic journey began.

More recently Dominika Durtan picked up an interest in jewellery making. She has travelled the world to continue her studies in the arts of gemmology, lapidary (stone cutting, faceting and polishing), stone setting, and goldsmithing in Antwerp, Dubai, Montreal, Sri Lanka and her home country of Poland.

Currently she is enrolled in a continued education programme of jewellery making at the École de Joaillerie de Montréal.

“Saturn” double ring by Dominika Durtan
Aquamarine, sapphires, 14K gold

AWARDS (jewellery):

  • Finalist of the Young Designers competition at The Munich Show 2018
  • First prize in debutant category, 2017-2018, Continued education at École de Joaillerie de Montréal
  • Public Prize, 2017-2018, Student Exhibition Gala at École de Joaillerie de Montréal
  • Honorary mention at Artistar Jewels Exhibition, Milan, Italy (under an artistic alias: Izabela Chan)

2015 – Explorations in Watercolour and Beyond’, Tashkeel, Dubai, UAE
2001 – 2003 – ‘100 Tales, Brzechwa for Children’, Travelling Exhibition, Poland
2002 – ‘Masuria Landscape’, Creative Community House, Wierzba, Poland
1999 – ‘The Four Seasons’, The Museum of Folk Culture, Wegorzewo, Poland
1998 – ‘The Grass Harp’, Jazz Club Gallery, Gizycko, Poland,
1996 – ‘Constellations’, Hata Morgana Club, Suprasl, Poland,

GROUP EXHIBITIONS (art & jewellery):
2018 – Young Designers Corner, Gemworld Munich, Germany
2018 – Corporation des Bijoutiers du Québec, Expo Prestige, Montreal, Canada
2018 – Artistar Jewels Exhibition, Milan, Italy (under an artistic alias: Izabela Chan)
2017 – ‘Stone carving exhibition’, Atelier de Sculpture sur pierre Michèle Lavoie, Montreal, Canada
2004 – ‘Inside Outside‘, 14th Int’l. Art Symposium KulturAXE, Twierdza Boyen, Gizycko, Poland